Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post Guide

Heres a post guide

First, go downstairs. Looker comes to you and asks you to look for the 7 sages. Ghetsis does not count. Next, he gives you the Super Rod. Go outside to see Cheren, Bianca, and Cedric. Cedric upgrades your pokedex with a national mode. Then, go to Route 1, surf to Route 18, and find Rood, the 1st sage. He hands you TM 32 Double Team and talks about N and Ghetsis. Next, head to Striaton City's Dreamyard. Go underground and fight to the southern side. Gorm scares you and talks about N's Castle and Team Plasma. Looker arrests him and gives you TM 75 Swords Dance. Fly to Nacrene City and head for the house with the girl you traded with. She asks to battle you with a Whimsicott if you traded. Head for GAME FREAK in Castelia City. The Sound Guy can change the Music to Team Rocket's from HG or SS. Talk to Moromito to have a daily battle. HE IS SUPER STRONG. HAVE LV. 80 Pokemon HELP. Find the Royal Unova. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can ride for a RageCandyBar or a Rare Candy. If you go to the Relic Castle, you can see the proffesor give you a RCB for the Darmanitan. Catch it and go to Passage 6 Inside. Ryoku comes and gives you TM 4 Calm Mind. When Looker arrests him, he says you have 3 of the Sages. Go deeper to find Volcarona, a Bug-Fire type. Catch it and head to Nimbasa City. The Battle Institute is open, along with the Stadium. Go there and battle your heart out. On Route 5, Cheren is talking to hisself and tells you that he will be at Victory Road. Battle him Mon-Fri. In Driftveil City, you can buy Incenses at the Market. The Cold Storage is where Zinzolin hides. He hands over TM 1 Hone Claws. Dig into Chargestone Cave to find Bronius. Defeat a couple grunts to get TM 69 Rock Polish. Go to the Celestial Tower's roof on Route 7. Alder says of his first partner, who rests there, and of the reason he went on a journey. He then tells you he will wait at the Pokemon League. In Twist Mountain, a worker gives you a Fossil of Cranidos, Kabuto, Shieldon, Lileep, Aerodactyl, Omanyte, or Anorith every day. Talk to him until you get every one. At the DragonSpiral Tower, you can rechallenge Reshiram or Zekrom if you KOed them at the Castle. Head for Challengers Cave. You will have the best train ever. Head East to Opelucid City, where Iris or Drayden can teach Draco Meteor to a pokemon. At Victory Road 7F, You can battle Cheren. He added Gigalith and Haxorus, so use Water and Ice moves. At the PL, beat Froslass and Drifblim with Cofagrigus, Sharpedo and Drapion with Golurk and Mienshao, Metagross and Bronzong with Volcarona, and Breloom and Tokicroak with Victini. On the Marvelous Bridge, the Shadow Triad Gives you the 3 Orbs of Sinnoh. Route 15 has a trader who gives you Rotom for Ditto, and The PokeTransfer Lab. Black City has Strong Trainers and a Market, while White Forest has a Berry Exchange and Tall Grass. Route 14 makes you Surf a lot to Find Giallo, who gives you TM 8 Bulk Up. In Undella Town, Cynthia and The Riches are up to battle. Route 13 includes a man who Dispenses items, a house with Ultimate Moves, A wingull's letters, and the Giant Chasm. In there, you get Kyurem, an Ice-Dragon type. Lastly, after Alder, you can battle Bianca.

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