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Star Piece

Theres a really easy way to get a Star Piece everyday. A Star Piece sells for 4900 making this an easy way to get money. Right before you go inside Pinwheel forest you should see a non paved path with a nurse in front of it. Follow that path to a set of stairs and head up them. At the top theres a bunch of small rocks and one big one, which is called the training rock. Go up the the large rock with a fighting type Pokemon in your party. If you don't have a fighting type you can always catch on in the grass. Anyway go click on the rock and let your Pokemon try to break the it. When this happens your Pokemon will break off a Star Piece. Now you can either go sell your Star Piece or save it for a rainy day.

Items found on bridges

Sometimes Found

Clever Wing
Genius Wing
Health Wing
Muscle Wing
Resist Wing
Swift Wing

Rarely Found

Pretty Wing

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Field Moves

1. Cut - Fennel gives you it in Striaton City
2. Fly - Bianca gives it to you in Driftveil City
3. Surf - Alder gives it to you at Twisted Mountain
4. Strength - A boy gives it to you in a house in Undella
5. Waterfall - Can be found on Route 18
6. Dive - A girl gives you it in front of a house in Undella Town

Pokemon Characteristics

The type of characteristic a Pokemon has determines what Stat will go move when leveling up.

HP Grows
Loves to eat
Often dozes off
Often scatters things
Scatters things often
Likes to Relax

Attack grows
Proud of it's power
Likes to thrash about
A little quick tempered
Likes to fight
Quick Tempered

Defense Grows
Sturdy body
Capable of taking hits
Highly Persistent
Good Endurance
Good Perseverance

Speed Grows
Likes to Run
Alert to sounds
Impetuous and Silly
Somewhat of a clown
Quick to Flee

Sp. Attack grows
Highly Curious
Thoroughly cunning
Often lost in thought
Very finicky

Sp. Defense
Strong willed
Somewhat Vein
Strongly defiant
Hates to lose
Somewhat Stubborn


The guy who stands at the front of the gyms gives you more then advice in Pokemon Black and White. His name is Clyde and when you talk to him he'll give you a Fresh Water and tips on what Pokemon to use. The Fresh Water might just come in handy as you battle the gym trainers and leader, and it's a lot better then going out and buying one.

Weather Changes

Places where the Weather changes:

Driftveil City - Rain, Snow, or Hail Falls
Mistralton City - Rain, Snow or Hail Falls
Icirrus City - Rain, Snow or Blizzards
Route 8 - In Winter the marsh is ice over

Places that Change on your birthday:
If you set you birthday date on your Nintendo DS then on Routes 14 & 15 on your birthday the mist will clear giving you a beautiful sight

Battling Cynthia

The first villa west of the Pokemon in Undella city you'll find Cynthia, whom you can battle.

Route 18 egg

In the house on route 18, you'll get a Larvesta egg, which evolves at lv 59 into Volcarona.

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Virizion and Terrakion

Once you catch Cobalion in Mistraltion cave, You can catch Virizion and Terrakion from Pinwheel Forest and Victory road, respectively.

Battling Cheron after Story

You can battle Cheron by going to route 5 after beating the story And he'll go to the top most room of Victory room. You can battle him once a day.

Battling Bianca

You can rebattle Bianca on weekends in Professor Juniper's lab after beating the story.

Catching Volcarona

After beating the story, the bottom most chamber in Relic castle will change, allowing you to reach a room, leading to a maze. After getting through, you'll reach a room with one of the Seven sages. Going in that room is Volcarona. He's level 70.

Location of Strength

Strength is located in the northwest building in Nimbasa city.

Black City/White Forest hint

If you invite more people (people you meet wirelessly) to Black City/White Forest the size of the buildings/trees in the area will increase in size. Low development the area has little to nothing in it. High development there's so many buildings and trees (respectively) it's hard to see.

Post Guide

Heres a post guide

First, go downstairs. Looker comes to you and asks you to look for the 7 sages. Ghetsis does not count. Next, he gives you the Super Rod. Go outside to see Cheren, Bianca, and Cedric. Cedric upgrades your pokedex with a national mode. Then, go to Route 1, surf to Route 18, and find Rood, the 1st sage. He hands you TM 32 Double Team and talks about N and Ghetsis. Next, head to Striaton City's Dreamyard. Go underground and fight to the southern side. Gorm scares you and talks about N's Castle and Team Plasma. Looker arrests him and gives you TM 75 Swords Dance. Fly to Nacrene City and head for the house with the girl you traded with. She asks to battle you with a Whimsicott if you traded. Head for GAME FREAK in Castelia City. The Sound Guy can change the Music to Team Rocket's from HG or SS. Talk to Moromito to have a daily battle. HE IS SUPER STRONG. HAVE LV. 80 Pokemon HELP. Find the Royal Unova. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can ride for a RageCandyBar or a Rare Candy. If you go to the Relic Castle, you can see the proffesor give you a RCB for the Darmanitan. Catch it and go to Passage 6 Inside. Ryoku comes and gives you TM 4 Calm Mind. When Looker arrests him, he says you have 3 of the Sages. Go deeper to find Volcarona, a Bug-Fire type. Catch it and head to Nimbasa City. The Battle Institute is open, along with the Stadium. Go there and battle your heart out. On Route 5, Cheren is talking to hisself and tells you that he will be at Victory Road. Battle him Mon-Fri. In Driftveil City, you can buy Incenses at the Market. The Cold Storage is where Zinzolin hides. He hands over TM 1 Hone Claws. Dig into Chargestone Cave to find Bronius. Defeat a couple grunts to get TM 69 Rock Polish. Go to the Celestial Tower's roof on Route 7. Alder says of his first partner, who rests there, and of the reason he went on a journey. He then tells you he will wait at the Pokemon League. In Twist Mountain, a worker gives you a Fossil of Cranidos, Kabuto, Shieldon, Lileep, Aerodactyl, Omanyte, or Anorith every day. Talk to him until you get every one. At the DragonSpiral Tower, you can rechallenge Reshiram or Zekrom if you KOed them at the Castle. Head for Challengers Cave. You will have the best train ever. Head East to Opelucid City, where Iris or Drayden can teach Draco Meteor to a pokemon. At Victory Road 7F, You can battle Cheren. He added Gigalith and Haxorus, so use Water and Ice moves. At the PL, beat Froslass and Drifblim with Cofagrigus, Sharpedo and Drapion with Golurk and Mienshao, Metagross and Bronzong with Volcarona, and Breloom and Tokicroak with Victini. On the Marvelous Bridge, the Shadow Triad Gives you the 3 Orbs of Sinnoh. Route 15 has a trader who gives you Rotom for Ditto, and The PokeTransfer Lab. Black City has Strong Trainers and a Market, while White Forest has a Berry Exchange and Tall Grass. Route 14 makes you Surf a lot to Find Giallo, who gives you TM 8 Bulk Up. In Undella Town, Cynthia and The Riches are up to battle. Route 13 includes a man who Dispenses items, a house with Ultimate Moves, A wingull's letters, and the Giant Chasm. In there, you get Kyurem, an Ice-Dragon type. Lastly, after Alder, you can battle Bianca.

Relic Tower hint

Once you beat the game, go to the bottom most chamber to gain accesAdd Images to a new room that leads to Volcarona. You'll notice the sand rose enough to get you into a hole in the wall.

Gain access to the east section of Unova hint

To gain access to Marvelous bridge, you have to beat the story to gain access to the three cities to the east of the Extralink.

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How to catch Victini

You need to go to Hiun City (the first major city) and enter one of the boats. This boat will take you to Liberty Island where you'll have to fight through numerous Team Plasma members in order to get to Victini. At the basement of the tower Victini will be there to battle. Hope you get him!


Talking to the Worker in the lower level of Twist Mountain he'll give you a fossil once a day which you can take to Nacrene Cuty Museum to restore the Pokemon from the fossil.

Draco Meteor

If you have a Dragon type Pokemon with high friendship, go to Drayden's house in Opelucid City and he'll teach you it.

Sell unwanted berries, Lucky Egg, Casteliacone, and BalmMushroom

A trailer on Route 5 houses a lady who'll buy all these items off you for extra money than the Pokemarts can offer.

Get rid of unwanted Gems, Pearl Strings, Big Nuggets, and C

In Icirrus Pokemon Center, an old gentleman in there will buy these items off you that the Pokemart people won't buy.

Got a Rare Bone to get rid of but want alot of money for it?

GO to the house on Route 18 and there's a sunglasses wearing dude that you can sell a Rare Bone to him for lots of cash!

Got relics you want to get rid of?

If you have items such as the Relic Gold, Relic Vase, and other relics, you can sell them to a man in the billionare's villa in Undella town.

Move tutor house north of Undella City

There's a move tutur house that is east (if you follow the beach) that will teach your high friendship Serperior, Samurott, or Emboar Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, or Blast Burn, respectively.

Gracadia Flower

If you have a Shaymin that you wanna change it's forme to Sky Forme, go to a lady in the Lacunosa City Pokemon Center.

Changing Rotom's formes

Checking boxes in the Shopping Mall Nine 1st Floor with Rotom in your party will change his forme.

Deoxys Formes

You can change Deoxys's formes by going to Nacrene City Museum and going to the Meteorite. Click on it to change his forme.

Chargestone Leveling Evolutions

Magneton and Nosepass will evolve to Manezone and Probopass, respectively, by levelling them in Chargestone Cave.

Evolving Eevee into Glaceon and Leafeon

Evolve Eevee to Glaceon by going to the ice covered rock in a cave in Twist Mountain, and Leafeon by going to the moss covered rock in Pinwheel forest. Level them up near the rock and they'll evolve.

Challenge Rock

In pinwheel forest, there's a rock known as Challenge Rock that a fighting type Pokemon can smash once a day, which will give you a Star Piece.

Move Tutor Driftveil City

If you have a strong bond with your starter Pokemon, go to the Move Tutor's house two houses south from the Pokemon center and he'll teach you one of the Battle Combo moves (Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, and Water Pledge) depending on the type on your starter.

Getting Heart scales in Driftviel

There's a house west of the Pokemon Center in Driftviel that houses a woman who wants to see a certain Pokemon. This Pokemon changes daily, but if you show her the right one she'll give you a heart scale, useable in Mistralton for the Move Tutor.

Raising your Pokemon's friendship

By getting a Massage on the first floor of a building in Castelia street in in Castelia City, your Pokemon will gain friendship. This can be done once a day.

YES, I do realize that picture is from Pokemon Pearl... couldn't find any other pictures.

Move Tutor's house in Mistralton

Both the reminder girl (who teaches Pokemon a move they forgot) and the Move deleter (who deletes moves and HM's) are in a house in Mistralton city. The reminder girl requires a heart scale for every move she teaches.

Location of HM 05 Waterfall

If you're having a hard time finding Waterfall, it's on Route 18 on a plataeu to the far west side of the Route. It's on a rocky outcropping near one of the Seven Sages (located south of the rocky outcropping).

Location of Flash

There's a man hiding behind the garbage bin on Castelia's narrow street (the alley) that will give you TM 70 Flash after walking past him.

Pokemon Fan Club Free items from Chairman

Located in Icirrus City, the Chairman in the Pokemon Fan Club will give you an EXP Share (for Pokemon you raised 25-49 levels), a Cleanse Tag (for Pokemon you raised 50-98 levels), and a Kings Rock (for Pokemon you raise 99 levels).

Like Rotation (Triple Battles)?

Go to the Rotation battle house in Opelucid City to do more Rotation Battles. They're rarely done in game so this is the perfect place to do this.

Getting the Cell Battery (Item that raises Sp Attk when hit by E)

In Opelucid city, a guy in the second floor in a house to the north side of the city will give you a Cell Battery if you show him a Pokemon you can't find in your version (for example, if you have Black, show a Blitzle.) Enjoy!

How to easily find Foongus or Amoongus

There's 'Pokeball' items on the ground in Route 10. Some of them are the two fungus Pokemon Foongus and Amoongus. Enjoy!

Battle GAME FREAK's Morimoto! (Challenging!)

On the 22nd Floor of the GAME FREAK building in Castelia City, you can battle Morimoto each day. His Pokemon are very high levels (75-77).

Looking for Darmanitan?

Getting a RageCandyBar and going to the Pokemon statues at the Relic Castle entrance will allow you to battle one of the Darmanitan. Be sure to get it, because you can't find it anywhere else.

Search For Seven Sages

After you beat the game you can go after the other Seven sages, from Team Plasma.

Giallo is located on Route 14, when you defeat him he gives you the TM08 Bulk Up

Gorm is located in The Dreamyard, when you defeat him he will give you the TM75 Swords Dance

Zinzolin can be found in The Cold Storage, after you defeat him, he will give you the TM01 Hone Claws

Rood is located on Route 18, when you defeat him he will give you the TM32 Double Team

Ryoku can be located in The Relic Castle, when he is defeated he gives you the TM04 Calm Mind


Bronius can be found in Chargestone Cave on the second floor, after you defeat him he will give you the TM69 Rock Polish

Getting the Lum berry (only once a day)

There's a trailer near the east side of Village Bridge. Battle the lady standing infront of the trailer, and then she'll hire you. There's four people sitting on the benches. Get them the correct sandwiches they order to get a free Lum berry.


To find Tornadus, you have to beat the 8 gym leaders first. Then you go to the place where the cargo planes are. Then you head to Twist Mountian and there will be a rain/snow storm. Than an old lady will tell you to come inside and have some soup and she will tell you about a Pokemon that makes a bad storm happen. Have a fun time chasing Tornadus.

Items that are found in dust clouds in caves


Bug Gem
Dark Gem
Dragon Gem
Electric Gem
Fighting Gem
Fire Gem
Flying Gem
Ghost Gem
Grass Gem
Ground Gem
Ice Gem
Normal Gem
Psychic Gem
Rock Gem
Steel Gem
Water Gem

Almost Never found

Dawn Stone
Dusk Stone
Fire Stone
Leaf Stone
Moon Stone
Oval Stone
Shiny Stone
Sun Stone
Water Stone

Pokemon Black Walkthrough + Insider Tips

The best strategy for training: train one step ahead! Always do serious training in a place PAST where you should be! A place where trainers aren't TOO tough and wild Pokemon are strong enough to get experience from!

Battle strategy: train EVENLY between your Pokemon! Weak or strong, you gotta train them ALL! Don't EVER go into battle with only ONE tough Pokemon, have a whole party of them! You may even find it necessary to go to completely different places to train each of your Pokemon INDIVIDUALLY!

Weak Pokemon to tough to train?: put them first in your party and switch out with another, stronger Pokemon immediately after a battle starts and beat your enemies! The weak Pokemon will get half of the EXP. points!